Book presentation

We are very happy that our dear colleague

Nancy Amendt-Lyon

gave a book presentation on her book

Timeless Experience: Laura Perls’s Unpublished Notebooks and Literary Texts 1946-1985

(2016, Cambridge Scholars Publishing).


October 23rd from 1 – 3 pm Nepali time.



Everybody who knows about Gestalt therapy knows the name of Fritz Perls, but not everyone knows that his wife Laura Perls was a co-founder and had been practicing and teaching and publishing about Gestalt therapy and theory for whole entire life.

Therefore, we welcome Nancy’s book, which puts Laura Perls more into the spotlight.

Nancy started to describe how, in 2013, Renate Perls (the daughter of Fritz and Laura) contacted her about giving her Laura’s notebooks and how she decided to publish them, and how this book project was finally completed.

Besides that, Nancy spoke about Laura’s life on three continents and how people in her social, political, literary, and cultural background influenced her. Of course, she will speak about Laura’s contributions to the development of Gestalt therapy, and her rich legacy to our school of psychotherapy.

The book also offers edited transcriptions of Laura’s notebooks from 1946 – 1985, including poems, short stories, letters, and what we can call her journal of daily experiences and reflections.

And, finally, the book includes an interview that the late New York Gestalt therapist, Daniel Rosenblatt, conducted with Laura in 1972. The interviews that Daniel Rosenblatt conducted with Laura focused on four phases of her life: the early years in Pforzheim and Frankfurt; her life in Berlin; her life in South Africa; and her life in New York.

Nancy did enrich her presentation with numerous photos and documents about Laura’s life.




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