Gestalt training program, basic principles of Gestalt

In April 2022 we start our new short program on the Gestalt approach.

The program will consist of a combination of theory, practice and personal process in total 120 hours.

Topics that will be addressed are:

  • Awareness and contact
  • Meeting at the contact boundary
  • Field Theory as one of the important parts of Gestalt Therapy and theory
  • Dialogue
  • Techniques in Gestalt like working with metaphors, empty chair, polarities etc.
  • Ethics
  • Transference and countertransference

The staff

Minakshi Rana, Pragya Shrestha, Hashana Shrestha, Pratima Tamrakar, Ruban Dahal, Sita Lama





Trainers / Therapists

April, 23rd – 24th

Personal process

Sita / Hashana

May, 14th – 15th

Awareness (Theory/Methodology)

Sita / Pragya

June, 4th – 5th

Personal process

Sita / Hashana

July, 2nd – 3rd

Personal process

Sita / Hashana

July, 23rd – 24th

Field theory (Theory/Methodology)

Hashana / Pratima / Archana

August, 15th – 16th



September, 3rd – 4th

Personal process

Sita / Hashana

September, 24th – 25th

Dialogue (Theory/Methodology)

Ruban / Minakshi

October, 15th – 16th

Personal process

Sita / Hashana

November, 5th – 6th

Techniques in Gestalt (Theory/Methodology)

Pratima / Ruban

December, 3rd – 4th

Personal process (Closure)

Sita / Hashana

January, 7th – 8th

Ethics (Theory/Methodology)

Pragya / Minakshi

January, 28th


Archana, Hashana, Pragya, Pratima, Sita, Ruban